Blasting (sandblasting) and anti-corrosion protection

The company Blastmontaj provides different types of blasting and anti-corrosion protection. We offer sandblasting of metal facilities and constructions, facilities, bridges, tanks, facades, stone coatings, rust removing, scalings and industrial cleaning, as well as contaminated machineries and facilities in the food processing industry.


Additionally, we offer painting under high pressure, laying of two-pack paints, laying of fire-resistant coatings.


The company has also a group, specialized in the reparations and corrections that should be made after the mounting of the metal constructions, as well as in the specialized treatment of the compromised parts of the metal construction after welds.


We have our own facility, compressors, blasting machines, painting machinery, portal and auto cranes.


Our production capacity is up to 200 tons metal constructions per week.