About Us

Quality and correctness, proven over the time

“Blastmontaj” Ltd. is founded in 2007 in city of Varna and has made its name as a loyal and reliable partner in its sector.
The company is specialized in the field of repairing and maintenance of industrial factories and facilities, mechanic repairs, blasting and painting under high pressure, building of metal constructions, replacement and repairs of industrial pipilines. We perform our activities in a competent and qualitative manner. The company has a TUV certification with the following range of application: mounting, repair and welding of metal constructions, equipping of industrial installations, pipelines and facilities with increased danger. We have manager teams, which are assigned with full-time permanent working contracts, high qualified mounting units, as well as the necessary construction mechanization and lifting-transportation machinery.
“Blastmontage” Ltd. uses a manufacturing facility of 8000 sq. m, where the built-up area of the production plant is more than 1000 sq. m and it is technologically equipped for manufacturing any kind of billets under the production of frame, composite and truss metal constructions for production halls, stores and plants. The company has developed as well its own designing department.


We have the following equipment, mechanization and tools
  • Welding equipment Fronius and ESAB;
  • Diesel and electric compressors Atlas Copco;
  • Sand blasting machines Clemco;
  • Lathe, milling cutter;
  • Lifting facilities;
  • Forklifts, mobile crane;
  • Auto crane LIEBHERR – 35 tons;